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Armenia Bans Tobacco Ads 03.04.2014
A final decision on the advertising of alcohol and tobacco on radio and television has been made in Armenia after length....

Counterfeit Goods in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia, Mykolai.... 30.03.2014
A gang of smugglers that counterfeited tobacco products had been detained

Contraband Brought from Everywhere 28.03.2014
Contraband and illegal manufacture account for some 20% of tobacco products in Azerbaijan

Cigarettes to Have 2014 Excise Stamp from 1 April in.... 25.03.2014
Goods that fail to meet the requirement will be seized without any compensation to the seller

Tobacco growing shrinking in Kyrgyzstan 18.03.2014
This year, Kyrgyzstan will reduce the area under tobacco by 500 ha, according to a Times of Central Asia story

Moldova Stops Growing Tobacco 18.03.2014
Export of tobacco from the republic shrinks in 2013

Expecting Smuggling Rise 06.03.2014
Excise tax rates for cigarettes were almost doubled in Kazakhstan on 1 January 2014

Excise Rates Increased on 1 March 04.03.2014
The share of tobacco excise in total excise revenue exceeded 70% in 2013

Prices Raised 02.03.2014
Excise stamps also cost more starting from March

Neman cigarette output down in Jan 2014 22.02.2014
Belarus’ Grodno-based tobacco factory decreased cigarette output 20.2% on the year in January 2014 to 1.86 billion....

Biggest Smuggling Case Closed in Lithuania 20.02.2014
26 persons are charged

Armenia raises cigarette output sharply 18.02.2014
The production and export of tobacco have registered a considerable growth in Armenia in 2013.

Uzbekistan Raises Excises 03.02.2014
The government of Uzbekistan increased the rates of excise tax on tobacco products

Customs Officials Convicted of Smuggling 29.01.2014
Four customs officials have been given a suspended sentence of 3 years in prison

First Smoke-free Year in Restaurants 26.01.2014
Volunteers of the coalition For Smoke-free Ukraine were checking restaurants and similar facilities

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