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Ukraine to raise ad valorem excise rates for tobac.... 11.02.2005

Lviv Tobacco Factory to boost production 11.02.2005

Court rules Dnipropetrovsk Factory bankrupt 26.10.2004
Dnipropetrovsk Tobacco Factory's field of concentration is non-filter. In 2003, it increased cigarette production by 54.....

The Rada Finance and Banking Committee will recommend.... 08.10.2004
The Committee will recommend that the parliament should pass amendments to the law "On rates of the excise tax on tobacc....

Smoking in public to be banned in Yalta, Ukraine 10.09.2004
Another ban, on smoking in public places, will soon add to the one on selling shashlik (roast meat) on the Yaltinskaia e....

Philip Morris Ukraine accused of armed attack 10.08.2004
An armed attack on Lviv Tobacco Factory was carried out on July 31.

Lviv Factory claims sustaining armed attack 03.08.2004
This is what Vladimir Kvurt, director general of Lviv Tobacco Factory, announced at a press conference in Vinniki, Lviv ....

Alcohol, tobacco poisoning insurance bill tabled in.... 09.07.2004
Leonid Vernigora, a member of the Ukrainian Rada, has proposed introducing obligatory public insurance against cases of ....

Kuchma cancels government alcohol, tobacco monopol.... 13.06.2004
President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine issued a decree canceling on June 8 government monopoly and control in the area of ma....

Ukraine's Rada considers anti-tobacco bill 04.06.2004

Ukraine's new Customs Code sticks in trade's throa.... 13.05.2004
The troubles businesses have when Ukraine's new Customs Code is applied to their operations were yesterday discussed by ....

Ukraine: Vatra vs. Vatra Tobago 28.12.2003
Ukraine's Anti-monopoly Committee prescribed the Dana-AS facility (based in Dnipropetrovsk) to stop manufacturing of Vat....

Ukrainian Rada's Specialist Committee Backs Increased.... 26.12.2003

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover for Ten Months 16.12.2003
Ukraine imported tobacco and tobacco products for $ 188.538 million in January-October, according to the country`s State....

Ukraine: Figures For Nine Months 27.11.2003
According to SOVAT, the Ukrainian association of alcohol and tobacco manufacturers, 81.2 billion smoking items were prod....

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