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India’s cigarette consumption 18.03.2013
Total number of cigarettes soldin the country increased in 2011-12 after declining in the previous year.

Saudi Arabia Introduces Smoking Ban for Tourists… 12.11.2012
The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities has resolved to ban smoking on the premises of tourist facilities. In p....

E-cigarettes to Be Banned in Belgian Cafes 04.11.2012
The ban on regular cigarettes introduced in Belgium will also be extended to electronic ones

Taxes Fail to Reach Desired Goal 01.11.2012
An analysis of the after-effects of an increase in the financial and tax burden has been prepared in the US

India Bans Gutka 22.10.2012
The Indian state of Punjab banned the use of a popular type of chewing tobacco, so-called “gutka,” at the be....

Hungary to License Tobacco Shops 10.10.2012
Before the end of September, the parliament of Hungary will consider a bill on regulation of retail trade in tobacco pro....

Cigarette Prices to Rise in Czech Republic from 20.... 29.09.2012
The parliament approves a bill raising consumer taxes

Switzerland against Bans 25.09.2012
A nationwide referendum on the idea of a complete ban on smoking in any public places was held in Switzerland on 23 Sept....

Tobacco Control in Hungary 20.09.2012
Graphic warnings on packs become mandatory in Hungary from 1 September

Lebanon Bans Smoking 13.09.2012
A ban on smoking came into effect in Lebanon in September

No Scary Pictures for Cigarette Packs in US 02.09.2012
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit invalidates the FDA initiative for placing pictures of smok....

Paris’ New Rubbish Bins 21.08.2012
French people will get out of the habit of throwing cigarette ends to the pavement

Australia Bans Logos on Tobacco Packaging 19.08.2012
The High Court of Australia on 15 August confirmed the legality of uniform cigarette packaging

Children’s Fines in Catalonia 12.08.2012
Gerona, Spain, introduces special fines for minors

India: Better or Worse It’s Your Own Verse… 10.08.2012
The government of the Indian state of Goa discusses a bill banning smoking in public places, including streets

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