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Approves, Re-approves Cigarette Production Quotas 21.01.2014
Reports started coming in from Belarusian regions in January that there is a shortage of cigarettes

Turkmenistan bans tobacco advertising in public pl.... 15.01.2014
A law “On health protection from exposure to tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco consumption” has taken....

Fake Stamps Factory 12.01.2014
Illicit printing-house for excise stamps used professional printing equipment from leading European suppliers

Anti-tobacco Law Takes Effect in Turkmenistan 20.12.2013
A new fine for smoking in the wrong places has been in effect in the republic since 1 January 2014

Armenia: industry news 17.12.2013
Armenian tobacco factories significantly increase their output in period from January-September 2013

Considering Codentify Technology 14.12.2013
Director General of the Ukrtabak association is confident that the system will help to eliminate the shadow cigarette ma....

Contraband in Ukraine 08.12.2013
More than three hundred thousand packs of cigarettes of various brands were found in Odessa Region

Belarus May Cancel Cigarette Import Monopoly 04.12.2013
Belarus is considering cancelling the state’s exclusive right to import fish, alcohol, and tobacco products from 1 Janua....

Results of Operation Counterfeit Tobacco 2013 in U.... 20.11.2013
Since July 2013, measures have been taken in Ukraine as part of an operation called Counterfeit Tobacco 2013 to identify....

No more child labour 15.11.2013
Kazakhstan does not use it in tobacco growing

Kyrgyzstan: cross boarding trade problem 08.11.2013
The Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) has requested that the Kyrgyz Republic (KR) consider cancelling licensing of import of t....

Cigarettes worth 11 Million Hryvnias Seized in Lviv.... 17.10.2013
Officers of the State Service for the Combating of Economic Crime stopped two lorries with counterfeit tobacco products ....

Grodno Border Guards Seize Record Contraband 14.10.2013
A consignment of cigarettes worth about 1 billion Belarusian roubles was seized on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border at t....

Mini Factory for 1 Million Cigarettes per Day 12.10.2013
The police discover an illegal cigarette facility in Latgale near Balvi, Latvia

State-owned Tutun CTC to Be Put Up for Sale 12.10.2013
The government of Moldova intends to remove Tutun CTC, the nation’s largest manufacturer of tobacco products, from....

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