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Ukraine: Illegal Facility Uncovered in Kharkiv 27.11.2003

Ukraine: Ad Valorem Opponents Propose Compromise 22.11.2003

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Nine Months 20.11.2003

Budget To Win, Unlike Market 12.11.2003
A ban on sale of tobacco products with old excise stamps is in effect from November 1 in Ukraine. The state allowed comp....

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Eight Months 28.10.2003

Ukraine: Government Wants To Strip Tobacco Companies.... 08.10.2003
Ukraine's Cabinet suggests that the Rada cancel the previously adopted decision on circulation of old excise stamps till....

Ukraine: Anti-dumping Duties For Match Importers E.... 02.10.2003

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Seven Months 17.09.2003

Ukraine: BAT Priluki Sums Up August Figures 16.09.2003

Ukraine: Tenfold Production Cut At Feodosia Tobacco.... 05.09.2003

Ukraine: First Figures On Seven Months 20.08.2003
In July, production of smoking items in the country increased by 7.98 percent compared to the previous year, from 7.438 ....

Ukraine: Reemtsma Sums Up July Operation 14.08.2003
According to the Ukrtutun association, Reemtsma Kiev Tobacco Factory manufactured 2.1338 billion cigarettes in July, the....

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover for Five Months 29.07.2003
Ukraine imported tobacco and tobacco products for USD 81.698 million in January-May. This is what the country’s State St....

Ukraine: Priluki Osoblivi Best Selling National Br.... 25.07.2003

Ukraine: 1.5 Times More Excise Stamps Shipped than.... 24.07.2003
First results of introducing new excise stamps (with security holograms) have shown that the number of stamps for nation....

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