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Ukraine: Government Wants To Strip Tobacco Companies.... 08.10.2003
Ukraine's Cabinet suggests that the Rada cancel the previously adopted decision on circulation of old excise stamps till....

Ukraine: Anti-dumping Duties For Match Importers E.... 02.10.2003

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover For Seven Months 17.09.2003

Ukraine: BAT Priluki Sums Up August Figures 16.09.2003

Ukraine: Tenfold Production Cut At Feodosia Tobacco.... 05.09.2003

Ukraine: First Figures On Seven Months 20.08.2003
In July, production of smoking items in the country increased by 7.98 percent compared to the previous year, from 7.438 ....

Ukraine: Reemtsma Sums Up July Operation 14.08.2003
According to the Ukrtutun association, Reemtsma Kiev Tobacco Factory manufactured 2.1338 billion cigarettes in July, the....

Ukraine: Foreign Trade Turnover for Five Months 29.07.2003
Ukraine imported tobacco and tobacco products for USD 81.698 million in January-May. This is what the country’s State St....

Ukraine: Priluki Osoblivi Best Selling National Br.... 25.07.2003

Ukraine: 1.5 Times More Excise Stamps Shipped than.... 24.07.2003
First results of introducing new excise stamps (with security holograms) have shown that the number of stamps for nation....

Ukraine: Liggett-Ducat Joins SOVAT 16.07.2003

Ukraine: Philip Morris Gross Income Leader 24.06.2003
On Tuesday, June 24, Ukrainskaya Investitsionnaya Gazeta, an authoritative Ukrainian business newspaper, published its T....

Ukraine: New Excise Stamps For Tobacco Products 20.06.2003
Since July excise stamp charges to more than double.

Ukrainian Manufacturers Summarize May Results 16.06.2003
Aggregate domestic production in the last five months has grown by a quarter compared with 2002.

Ukrainians smoked 67 billion cigarettes last year 07.10.2002
The total number of cigarettes smoked in Ukraine in 2001 is estimated at 67 billion or 1600-1700 for every adult, accord....

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