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Crime > Smuggling / Counterfeiting
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Kaliningrad customs detain 'sledge smugglers' 13.03.2005

Ukrainian border guards seize over 21,000 packs of.... 13.03.2005

Customs finds 20,000 packs of cigarettes in Kaliningrad-Warsaw.... 04.03.2005

Large consignment of smuggled cigarettes seized in.... 03.02.2005

Cigarettes seized on Ukrainian-Polish border 25.12.2004
Last night, Ukrainian border guards in cooperation with customs officers seized 9,600 cartons of smuggled cigarettes for....

Two trucks with cigarettes hijacked in St. Petersburg,.... 22.11.2004
A consignment of tobacco products for several million rubles, as well as the service arms of the guards that were escort....

Counterfeit cigarettes supplier detained in Moscow.... 22.11.2004

Contraband found on Russian-Lithuanian border 06.11.2004

Kaliningrad border guards intercept smuggling atte.... 26.10.2004

Counterfeit cigarettes destroyed in Ryazan 08.10.2004
A large consignment of counterfeit cigarettes with an estimated value of USD5 million has been destroyed in Ryazan. The ....

Kaliningrad border guards seize 47,000 packs of ci.... 14.09.2004

Smuggled goods seized in Odessa 10.09.2004
Odessa border guards and Security Service officers have seized four KamAZ vehicles loaded with tobacco products and meat....

Record load seized on Russian-Estonian border 06.09.2004
A record consignment of contraband cigarettes was seized by Estonian border guards and customs officers at a checkpoint ....

Contraband cigarettes from Abkhazia seized in West.... 10.08.2004

Contraband cigarettes, amber seized in Kaliningrad.... 03.08.2004
A large consignment of contraband cigarettes has been seized at the Nesterov border checkpoint. They found the baccy whi....

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