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Russia Signs WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco C.... 25.04.2008
Russian President Vladimir Putin has today signed the law “On the Accession of the Russian Federation to the WHO Framewo....

Against Euphoria 11.04.2008
Today Russia has become party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Everyone Is For, but There’s No Trace of Unanimity.... 09.04.2008
Today the Expert Panel of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Enterprise and Tourism held a meeting dedicated to Russ....

Tobacco Day at State Duma 02.04.2008
At today’s plenary session of the Duma, the elected representatives of the people considered several exciting bills.

Tobacco excises set to grow 05.04.2007
The Russian Finance Ministry published a draft three-year budget yesterday, 29 March, that is soon to be introduced for ....

Amendments to Code of Administrative Offences to be.... 30.03.2007
A bill titled Violations of Restrictions on the Retailing of Tobacco Products providing for direct responsibility for se....

Another bill on smoking limitation tabled in Duma 16.03.2007
A bill titled On the Introduction of Amendments to the Federal Law "On the Limitation of Tobacco Smoking" and the Code o....

United Russia to advise Russians 16.03.2007
Duma member Nikolai Gerasimenko spoke about United Russia party's plans for making the nation healthier.

Vital sector regulation issues 06.03.2007
The Expert Panel discussion at the Russian Duma's Committee on Economic Policy, Enterprise and Tourism which occurred on....

In March, the Duma will consider amendments to the.... 23.02.2007
In March, the Duma will consider amendments to the Code of Misdemeanours providing for fines for selling cigarettes to m....

More consistency, less obstinacy 19.02.2007
Andrei Ishchuk's bill suggesting a complete ban on tobacco advertising was rejected in the first reading at the meeting ....

Another initiative of Moscow officials 16.02.2007
By 2008, the government of Moscow intends to remove kiosks from the streets of the city. It is suggested that everything....

Advertising market needs no new laws 14.02.2007
Participants in a press conference held by Vladimir Medinskii on 13 February and dedicated to summarising the implementa....

French-style 06.02.2007
One more bill designed to drastically restrict smoking in public places and take care of national health is about to be ....

Retail overlooks new law 15.01.2007
Rules for retailing tobacco products with the maximum retail price mentioned on the pack can be seen violated already no....

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