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No Better 03.08.2012
Outcomes of the smoking ban in Bulgaria

Israel Decides to Raise Excises 27.07.2012
The Israeli finance minister orders that excise on cigarettes be raised by 18%

Reject Your Husband Legally 05.07.2012
Saudi Arabia permits divorcing a smoker

Business Going Bankrupt 10.06.2012
Belgium calculates the after-effects of the ban on smoking

United Kingdom: Disputes over Cigarette Packaging 23.05.2012
Legislators in the UK are working on a bill that prohibits cigarette manufacturers from using colour packaging and logos....

Resist, Quit, or Switch Brand? 08.04.2011
A new global study by Euromonitor International looks for and finds the vague portrait of tomorrow’s tobacco consu....

American Blend to Be Allowed... for Now 21.12.2010
The published decisions of the fourth session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC in Uruguay enable a concl....

Who Is WHO? 22.11.2010
The Uruguay Conference of the Parties to the WHO Framework Convention will go down in history…

Threat from Uruguay 10.11.2010
At a regular session, the FCTC signatories intend to outlaw half of the tobacco market

Smoking Egypt 23.08.2010
A large-scale fight against smoking is starting in the country which ranks second in terms of popularity with Russian to....

Italy as Mirror of Global War on Tobacco 12.08.2010
Five years ago an all-out attack on tobacco began in the European Union in general and Italy in particular. What are the....

Mayor Bloomberg Keeps On Advancing 01.08.2010
The government of New York continues to drive tobacco out of the city, consistently, the federal government acting more ....

Lithuania intending to raise tobacco excises 12.10.2006
The government of Lithuania approved a bill on 9 October that suggests raising the cigarette excises by 30% from 1 March....

Kazakh MPs back FCTC 28.09.2006

Lithuania's Klaipedos Kartonas to buy controlling interest.... 05.09.2006

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