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360° revolutionary vision 27.11.2012
The innovative Optical Cigarette Inspection System (OCIS) from Hauni enables manufacturers to inspect each and every cig....

Machine investment programme enhances FILTRONA’s production.... 09.11.2012
Filtrona Filter Products has implemented a Global Machine Strategy to optimise its machine technologies through upgrades....

Inspired by antic Greece 01.11.2012
New Corinthian filter from Filtrona offers superior flute definition to provide a unique smocking experience

ITM: improved filter logistics 29.10.2012
Novel use of compartment trays in the ITM Gemini distribution system created a fully automated storage for filter rods.

NDC announces new website 18.10.2012
The new website has been designed to help customers to get to where they need to go quickly

Let your imagination play 15.10.2012
Roompaper by German-based Usables GmbH is a fascinating packaging innovation in that it converts an initially unremarkab....

Hoffman gets a prize 05.10.2012
Hoffmann Neopac AG. wins the German Packaging Award 2012 with “Winston Avant Edition”.

Capsule Application Unit for the DF10 01.10.2012
G.D has created a device for its DF10 filter rod maker for the insertion of spherical micro-capsules inside the filter.

Almost real kretek taste 01.10.2012
New super slim clove-flavoured kretek filter from Filtrona

Tannpapier’s 50th anniversary 25.09.2012
Tipping paper manufacturer celebrated its 50th anniversary with more than 350 guests from 30-plus countries.

FILTRONA appoints new innovations director 18.09.2012
Filtrona Filter Products, a division of Filtrona PLC, has appointed Patrick Meredith as Innovations Director, based in S....

Celanese Introduces CelFX Matrix Technology 17.09.2012
Celanese Introduces CelFX Matrix Technology for Advanced Filtration at World Tobacco Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia

Hauni filter system improves efficiency 14.09.2012
Hauni is introducing a new storage system that allows to separate filter making from the cigarette production process.

Borgwaldt KC presents LIP CAN 05.09.2012
Recently introduced “LIP CAN” is a paper designed specifically for the testing of Fire Standard Compliant (F....

Molins reports half-year results 31.08.2012
Molins PLC, the international engineering and services company, announces its results for the six months ended 30 June 2....

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