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Hauni filter system improves efficiency 14.09.2012
Hauni is introducing a new storage system that allows to separate filter making from the cigarette production process.

Borgwaldt KC presents LIP CAN 05.09.2012
Recently introduced “LIP CAN” is a paper designed specifically for the testing of Fire Standard Compliant (F....

Molins reports half-year results 31.08.2012
Molins PLC, the international engineering and services company, announces its results for the six months ended 30 June 2....

ITM introduces Delphini 30.08.2012
In order to cater to demands for savings in tobacco waste, ITM developed a versatile, portable on-line tobacco reclaimer....

Filter Logistics strides ahead 22.08.2012
A new all-automatic high-bay storage system allows filter making to be kept entirely separate from the cigarette product....

HEINEN KOHL receives Golden Leaf Award 2012 14.08.2012
Antwerp, Belgium - On Thursday, June 14th, once again the Golden Leaf Awards have been awarded to outstanding companies ....

FILTRONA: cigarette design can help tackle illicit.... 10.08.2012
Following the release of new figures showing that counterfeit cigarette consumption is still on the rise globally, Filtr....

Alliance One grapples with Brazilian real 06.08.2012
Tobacco revenues were steady at nearly USD 344 million, but currency fluctuations cut into profit, Alliance One announce....

FILTRONA makes research of carbon in filters 18.07.2012
Filtrona Scientific Services, a Filtrona plc business, has published its latest carbon filter research, which explores w....

Alliance One posts record fourth quarter 14.07.2012
Alliance One International sales rose USD 259 million to a record USD 781 million in the three months to March 31.

An Award of "Excellence" goes to G.D 13.07.2012
G.D, a company of the COESIA Group, announced it has received the Award of Excellence 2011 from Altria.

Alliance One gets Golden Leaf 10.07.2012
On June 15, 2012, Alliance One received a Golden Leaf Award in the Most Impressive Public Service Initiative sector.

Board appointment at Alliance One 19.06.2012
Alliance One today announced that Joyce Fitzpatrick has been appointed to the Board of Directors effective June 14, 2012....

AEROSORT just does it 15.06.2012
Тhe new non-tobacco related material (NTRM) detector AEROSORT once again demonstrates its enormous potential during cust....

Universal Corporation reports annual results 22.05.2012
George C. Freeman, CEO of Universal Corporation, announced that net income for the fiscal year was $92.1 million.

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