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Cuba: Myth and Mirage? 10.02.2016
The year 2015 is the year of Montecristo, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the brand and 2016 will be Cohiba year, with its 50th anniversary celebrations kicking off during the next Habanos Festival in March.

Preliminary Results of 2015 in Russia 15.01.2016
The market continued to decline, consumers economise, and the regulator is making new cunning plans

Reinventing Vapor 05.11.2015
After taking the market by storm with its e-liguids, Johnson Creek prepares to transform the vapor market once again.

Unrest near Border 15.10.2015
Criminal wars for control over cigarette smuggling to the EU from Ukraine disturbed the public on both sides of the border in the middle of July 2015. What happened and what was revealed as a result of investigations by law enforcement agencies and journalists from different countries?

Russian Cigarette Market in 2014 10.09.2015
A decline. This is the word that can be used to describe the outcome of market development in the last few years which has manifested itself only now in the results of cigarette production in Russia in 2014. The dynamics of export and import have exchanged directions.

The Role Of Filter Innovation In Re-Engaging Consu.... 20.08.2015
Increasing taxation and tightening legislation present the tobacco industry with many challenges. Crucially, how can cigarette manufacturers continue to develop their brands and offer consumers innovations which demonstrate the difference between premium brands and cheaper alternatives? One way to meet this challenge is to enhance products by using special filters to develop tailored solutions that provide greater choice and engagement. Here, P T Sreekumar, Managing Director at Essentra Filter Products, explores innovative filter technology as a means for cigarette manufacturers to add value to their brands and re-engage consumers by offering enhanced interaction, visual differentiation and unique performance characteristics

Vapor Visionary 05.08.2015
Drawing on his extensive background in sales and distribution, John Wiesehan Jr. is pushing Ballantyne Brands to new heights in the vapor industry.

"The best alternative to tobacco is still tob.... 23.07.2015
After being shut out of discussions for the past ten years, farmers are now permitted to take part in policy-making related to the implementation of FCTC Article 17. But can growers really be persuaded to move away from the most lucrative crop there is?

Challenges and opportunities for tobacco packaging.... 06.07.2015
Shrinking sales volumes in the packaging sector are being offset to a certain extent by the innovations needed to compensate for declines in traditional packaging products, but also the demands of the TPD2. TJI spoke to some of the world’s major players in the sector to find out more

Trend toward stiffer, heavier filters; CPF popularity.... 24.06.2015
While the tipping base paper segment has remained steady and stable in the past year, plug wrap paper and filters are seeing dynamic development, not only to improve filter performance but also in quick response to impending new ecological and environmental demands

How many slices in a fine-cut pie? 05.06.2015
Fine-cut sales are growing, in contrast to most of the rest of the tobacco industry. As cigarette prices rise, lower cost RYO is attracting more smokers. But success has drawn attention, in the form of higher RYO duties and stiffer competition for a piece of hand-rolled pie

Three Reasons for Pessimism 30.05.2015
Analysis of the Russian tobacco market and possible dynamics of its size shows that besides reasons for industry optimism, or reasons for a slower than before decline in sales, there are at least as many reasons for pessimism, unapparent circumstances capable of supporting or even accelerating the reduction of the share of legal products

Turf war 05.05.2015
Big Pharma may be the vapor industry's biggest obstacle in its race to gain mainstream acceptance.

Three Reasons for Optimism 25.04.2015
The depressing economic situation in Russia nonetheless gives rise to some guarded optimism about the near future of the tobacco industry.

Kings of Wrap 06.04.2015

Who's who among cigarette-paper suppliers
Whether it is cigarette tubes, tipping base or plugwrap, paper is a major piece of the cigarette manufacturing puzzle, influencing everything from flavor to tar delivery. For numerous manufacturers, the type of paper used is as much a part of the brand as its tobacco blend.

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