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Playing catch-up 25.03.2015
Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) featured prominently at COP6 for the first time and the industry is up in arms over an apparent one-sided view, which is examined in this analysis

Curtains for Combustible Cigarettes? 31.01.2015
Euromonitor's latest Passport Tobacco research takes up two provocative issues. Should the tobacco industry begin working out an exit strategy because cigarette volumes are in terminal decline, and do e-cigarettes represent the way forward?

Health risks of e-cigarette may start in the facto.... 23.12.2014
Sloppy manufacturing and poor regulations can introduce toxins

Finland’s smoke-free quest continues – but will it.... 25.10.2014
When Finland’s Tobacco Act came into force on October 1, 2010, it made news around the world. For the first time a country had stated explicitly it wanted to end smoking on its territory and gave a date: Finland would be non-smoking by 2040.

Warnings on e-cigarettes leave critics skeptical 30.09.2014
Tobacco companies are putting out among the strongest health warnings in the fledgling e-cigarette industry, going further even than the familiar ones on actual cigarettes

It’s what you can’t say 20.08.2014
The US government wants to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products after an attempt to subject them to stricter drug regulation was struck down by the courts. This stops e-cig makers from saying their product is safer than smoking

«We Have No Formula…» 25.07.2014
The first business day after the toughest requirements of the anti-tobacco law (Federal Law No 15) had taken effect was marked by the Duma with a parliamentary hearing on 2 June 2014 on the topic of the results of the past year of tobacco control

No longer young 26.05.2014
The Age of Innocence is over for the electronic-cigarette sector. Big business is pushing small entrepeneurs off a playing field once owned by free spirits. And the game will be refereed; regulation is imminent both in the European Union and the United States.

Agency Details First Regulations for E-Cigarettes 06.05.2014
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday (April 25, 2014) proposed the first federal regulations on electronic cigarettes, which would ban sales of the popular devices to anyone under 18 and require makers to gain FDA approval for their products.

E-cig identity problem 29.04.2014
E-cigarettes aren't medicine and they certainly aren't tobacco, says industry advocate Katherine Devlin in arguing for separate regulation. But the European Union decided otherwise. Without nicotine there would be no argument, and no global market for e-cigarettes.

An American approach to rules on e-cigarettes 24.04.2014
Food and drug agency also proposes oversight of cigars and other products

Challenging legislation ahead in Asia 25.03.2014
Asia's tobacco markets are bracing for new rounds of proposed anti-tobacco legislation which, if passed, will produce further challenges in an already highly restrictive environment. Taiwan, India and Thailand, among other Asian nations, are considering further tightening existing regulations.

Smoking Has Got to Be Healthier Than Political Ext.... 05.02.2014
Is it time for the anti-smoking lobby to 'lighten' up?

Cuban cigar producers challenge plain packaging legislation.... 17.01.2014
CUBA turned tobacco enthusiasts' and international observers' heads when it filed its first ever complaint with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against Australia's tough tobacco plain-paper packaging restrictions

ЕР weighs in on TPD 26.12.2013
Future regulation of tobacco products in the European Union is in the hands of EU negotiators charged with forging a consensus from three viewpoints. The last of three submissions, this one by the European Parliament (EP), came in October.

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