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Turbocharged 16.03.2015
Following JTI's acquisition of Zandera, the deal-makers discuss the opportunities presented by a combination of the companies' respective strengths. In June, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) shook up the tobacco and vapor industries by acquiring Zandera, a rapidly growing U.K.-based e-cigarette manufacturer best known for its popular E-Lites brand. By combining the drive and knowledge of a young vapor company with the considerable distribution and R&D resources of a leading tobacco multinational, JTI and Zandera want to take their business to the next level. Vapor Voice caught up with the deal-makers—Masamichi Terabatake, JTTs deputy CEO and executive vice president of emerging products and corporate strategy

Tobacco measurement continues to grow 13.02.2015
The integration of new businesses and 'bale characterisation' at the GLT stage are continuing to ensure that NDC Technologies continues a steady path of growth in its tobacco-related business. Dr Ian Benson, Vice President Business Development of the company, spoke to TJI in more detail about the latest developments in the company.

E-cigs at Essentra 20.01.2015
Essentra Group Commercial Director Malcolm Waugh on the company's foray into e-commerce

TOMRA stresses service at the local level 15.12.2014
TJI interview with TOMRA tobacco manager Steven van Geel

Growth pause for e-cigs? 15.11.2014
Erik Bloomquist is a London-based tobacco analyst for Berenberg Bank, one of Europe’s oldest private banks. Bloomquist moderated the second day of discussions on e-cigarettes in Wiesbaden, Germany, organised by TJI. The ‘TobaccoCampus’ dialogue continues below.

Core competency focus 15.10.2014
Founded in 1970 initially as a supplier of scientific calculators, Tews Elektronik is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave measuring devices used by the tobacco industry. The company covers measurements from the incoming bale to the outgoing cigarette and is also active in filters. General Manager André Tews explains more:

Nicotine substitute from Valeo 22.09.2014
TJI interview with two decision makers at German e-liquid manufacturer Valeo

Tailor-made solutions the key 15.08.2014
Interview with Ewald Rosskamp, General Manager, GK Tobacco

Vapor Corp shares insights on e-cigs regulations 10.07.2014
CEO Kevin Frija heads Vapor Corp, a leading, publicly traded pure-play e-cig company. Frija shared some of his insights on recent regulations and restrictions concerning e-cigarettes, as well as pending regulations for the tobacco industry

Cigars - the new lease of life for older cigarette.... 13.06.2014
Interview with Arjen Hondelink General Manager, Klaas Jan Nieswaag Sales Manager, HSI Tobacco Service and Spare Parts

«Not until we dare, can we gain our aims» 15.05.2014

Alexandros Kontos, General Manager, SEKE, Co-operative Union of Tobacco Producers in Greece

Market hunter 21.04.2014
Continental Tobacco Group (CTG) CEO Janos Santa talks about vertical integration and how a small company fits into a world dominated by multinationals.

«Flexibility for cigarette boxes» 20.03.2014
Bobst of Switzerland is the world's leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries. Alfred Ulli explains to TJI how the company goes about its quest for flexibility and innovation.

«A globetrotter called Smoking» 24.01.2014
Interview with Xavier Garcia, Smoking Commercial Director Miquel y Costas, Spain

«When the wind of change blows, some people build walls,.... 21.12.2013
Interview with Francesco Benedetti, Business Manager, Technical and Sales, Member of the Board, Godioli & Bellanti S.p.A.

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