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Tradition with a twist 12.09.2014
Like the signature tastes they create, tobacco flavour houses are well established and familiar to many in the industry. With decades of experience perfecting the art of taste, these companies are used to facing the challenges posed by an ever more regulated industry. Challenges, however, also present new opportunities, particularly in the field of product innovation.

Vaping Market Size 11.08.2014
The size of the new vaping market is an important question both to market players, especially global ones, and to regulators. Why is it so difficult to estimate the capacity of this market?

Decline 28.07.2014
The inevitable has happened: production dynamics have caught up with the negative dynamics of sales of legal cigarettes in Russia

Seizing the Advertising Window for E-Cigs and Vaping.... 30.06.2014
In the following overview, some key scenarios are explored in an effort to illustrate the ways by which manufacturers are working to overcome challenges and to leverage their resources worldwide. And in the growing e-cigarette category, that resource is often advertising

Regulations dominate challenges to the packaging s.... 23.05.2014
Regulation is tightening in the form of the Tobacco Products Directive, with a recommendation for 65 per cent of the surface of packs to be covered with graphic health warnings, but it seems that Europe is not, for the moment at least, going down the avenue of plain packaging.

Adhesives keeping up to speed 07.05.2014
Cigarette production line speeds in excess of 20,000 sticks per minute, increasingly light cigarette papers and packaging innovation favouring glossy and other fancy surfaces all mean that an adhesive that works well one day may not be so effective the next.

Tobacco Regulation in Customs Union 24.04.2014
After three years the Customs Union member states still disagree on the new technical regulations on tobacco products

TPD2 knocks at the door 10.04.2014
Now that the European Parliament has approved the next generation EU Tobacco Products Directive, what will it mean to the industry? The answer is not much at first, but this slow starter is a bona fide game changer for manufacturers and their suppliers.

No Bear market 02.04.2014
Despite a government crackdown on smoking, Russia will continue to feature prominently in the portfolios of tobacco multinationals

Shisha roundup 31.03.2014
Classic double apple is still a winner, though the trend in flavours is to fruity and fusion. Going from good to bad taste, counterfeiting has become a big industry problem, making brand protection all the more important.

Analyzing a Crisis: Syria's Cigarette Market 10.03.2014
Despite the country's brutal internal conflict and the resulting flood of refugees spilling our across its border, it is notable that Syria's cigarette imports have reached 21 billion pieces for a value of nearly US $500 million in 2013.

Breathtaking Tobacco Regulations Stifle Turkey 20.02.2014
The Turkish tobacco market reached an all-time high of 108 billion cigarettes of consumption in 2008 making it then the second-largest market after Russia in a broader European definition, and the seventh largest market worldwide. Since then it goes down and down.

Snus is a Swedish Match 31.01.2014
Generally recognised as a low-risk tobacco product, snus nonetheless is banned throughout most of Europe. What follows is a snapshot of life at Swedish Match, the leader in this sector, and of a country where snus rules

Surrendering to our most dangerous enemy without a.... 09.01.2014
The sales of e-cigarettes continue to rise at a spectacular rate. However, few in this fledging industry should take comfort in the rising popularity of these devices that promise the pleasures of smoking without the pain of adverse health effects

Finland: Tight, But Sensible Regulation 15.12.2013
When the Russian press writes articles in defence of the tight anti-tobacco regulation in Russia, Finland is quoted most often among all European countries as an example to be followed

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