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The e-cigarette woos and wins Europe 28.11.2013
New industry fights off restrictions, outgunning tobacco and drug firms

Is it time for clear leadership from the tobacco i.... 08.10.2013
One would hope that the current unfavorable regulatory climate has been around long enough for leaders of our industry to develop solutions needed to lead us from the current quagmires and allow us to do what we know best. A commentary by Dr John H. Lauterbach.

Forbidden Flavor: Op-Ed 13.09.2013
Tobacco's Legislative Crisis in the EU

World Tobacco Turkey 2013 - of mice and men 02.09.2013
Originally a poem written by the famous Scottish writer Robert Burns in 1786 entitled "To a mouse" and followed in 1937 by John Steinbeck's novel "Of mice and men", the meaning of mice and men is "even the most carefully prepared plans may go wrong".

Read the EU's TPD online after TPI... 25.08.2013
Could anything be more challenging for a businessperson than absolute governmental opposition coupled with ongoing regulatory uncertainty? This is the confluence that tobacco manufacturers and distributors are facing in Europe

Supreme Court denies pharmaceutical giant intellectual.... 05.08.2013
That is the take-home message of the PR release on the Novartis homepage on the ruling of the Supreme Court in India. And what does that have to do with tobacco? Nothing at first sight, until you start asking the question - who stands to benefit?

EU parliament wants stronger Tobacco Products Dire.... 05.07.2013
But economic concerns might derail plans. Political battle-lines are being drawn over the oncoming debates at the European Parliament and the European Union (EU) Council of Ministers on the shape of the revised tobacco products directive. While formal amendments have yet to be proposed, preliminary discussions are giving the industry a good idea of the challenges to be faced over the coming months.

Pogar Factory Digs Up the Tomahawk 30.06.2013
The factory in the Bryansk Region of Russia starts large-scale hostilities against Neman of Belarus

Product ldentification for the Asia Pacific Tobacco.... 15.05.2013
All manufacturers need to 'identify' their goods, whether it is food, an automotive component or tobacco, and will have some form of variable information on the product packaging.

Reality Check: Flawed Science Leads to Bad Legisla.... 12.04.2013
Reality check: the anti-smoking efforts of countries in the West and in the East by and large don't work and never will

Seoul food from FCTC 14.03.2013
Delegates meeting in Seoul, Korea, to expand the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) adopted a "game-changing" pact to control illicit trade. However a potential key player, In-terpol, was rejected as an observer for accepting a donation from a tobacco company.

How to kill off Brands 07.03.2013
If European Union plans go ahead, there will soon be no more tobacco brands

Future of Donskoy Tabak 14.02.2013
Ivan Savvidi has made controversial statements this year about the future of his agro-industrial assets which form the Agrokom group. At the beginning of the year he announced his intention to move the meat business outside the region, but a bit later, on the contrary, he began to speak about development plans

E-cigarettes rule 18.01.2013
This year's Inter-tabac was heralded by its German organizers as the largest in the trade fair's 34-year history, and a lot of that expansion had to do with e-cigarettes

A new quality in demonstrations 15.12.2012
The first demonstration in Asia against trade shows for the tobacco industry took place at Tabinfo Asia 2009 in Bangkok, a peaceful novelty, and was followed by another peaceful demonstration at the Protobex in Manila 2012. In September of this year it was the turn of World Tobacco Asia 2012 in Jakarta. It was the usual boisterous but peaceful rent-a-crowd of students recruited with NGO money - in the beginning.

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