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«Like smoking, only better!» 17.11.2013
Umer and Taz Sheikh, founders and entrepreneurs, Gamucci

«A company can't borrow a vision. It has to be able.... 14.10.2013
Andreas Dittrich, CEO, emkon. Interview: William McEwen

«Made in Italy» - a source of beauty and innovatio.... 13.09.2013
Interview with Natalia Pulido Jurado, Business Manager Tobacco Division, BIMO (BOPP division of Irplast Group S.p.A.)

TOMRA will maintain tobacco business unit 12.08.2013
Interview with Steven van Geel, Tobacco Marketing Manager at TOMRA

Reconstituted tobacco is growing 15.07.2013
Interview with Marcelo Belleza Stella, Commercial Manager, HT Nutri/HT Agro Group

Speed to market and consumer centric solutions are.... 25.06.2013
MWV (also known as MeadWestvaco Corporation) is a global packaging company with its head office in Richmond, Virginia. The company is a global leader in packaging solutions which includes tobacco paperboard and tobacco packaging for cigarette, smokeless and speciality and promotional packaging.

A key segment 24.05.2013
Interview with Sari Hakli, Segment Development Manager, Cigarette Board, Stora Enso Renewable Packaging

«The challenge in one word - speed» 15.04.2013
Interview with Wolfgang Bursee

«For the long run» 01.03.2013
Interview with Roel Verschuren, Technical Sales Manager of ATD

«Keep the balance» 04.02.2013
Interview with Lian Duan, China Tobacco Chuanyu Corporation

Production of counterfeit cigarettes in Ukraine was.... 10.01.2013
Andriy Kryl, Head of Corporate Affairs, British American Tobacco Ukraine, talks about the key events on the Ukrainian tobacco market in 2012

Business principles of Trierenberg 01.12.2012
RusTabak exclusive interview with Tann Group management Christian and Catharina Trierenberg

«Cooperation with brand owners is key» 12.11.2012
TJI interview with Alfred Ulli, Marketing and Sales Director at Bobst

Providing leaf services 22.10.2012
Interview with Universal Leaf Tobacco President W. Keith Brewer

«We follow the sales» 20.09.2012
Interview with David Murphy, who has run Mother Murphy's Laboratories for 18 years and is the son of co-founder Kermit Murphy. He started with the company in 1974

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