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Shisha roundup 31.03.2014
Classic double apple is still a winner, though the trend in flavours is to fruity and fusion. Going from good to bad taste, counterfeiting has become a big industry problem, making brand protection all the more important.

Analyzing a Crisis: Syria's Cigarette Market 10.03.2014
Despite the country's brutal internal conflict and the resulting flood of refugees spilling our across its border, it is notable that Syria's cigarette imports have reached 21 billion pieces for a value of nearly US $500 million in 2013.

Breathtaking Tobacco Regulations Stifle Turkey 20.02.2014
The Turkish tobacco market reached an all-time high of 108 billion cigarettes of consumption in 2008 making it then the second-largest market after Russia in a broader European definition, and the seventh largest market worldwide. Since then it goes down and down.

Snus is a Swedish Match 31.01.2014
Generally recognised as a low-risk tobacco product, snus nonetheless is banned throughout most of Europe. What follows is a snapshot of life at Swedish Match, the leader in this sector, and of a country where snus rules

Surrendering to our most dangerous enemy without a.... 09.01.2014
The sales of e-cigarettes continue to rise at a spectacular rate. However, few in this fledging industry should take comfort in the rising popularity of these devices that promise the pleasures of smoking without the pain of adverse health effects

Finland: Tight, But Sensible Regulation 15.12.2013
When the Russian press writes articles in defence of the tight anti-tobacco regulation in Russia, Finland is quoted most often among all European countries as an example to be followed

One-stop shopping is a key objective in the secondary.... 09.12.2013
Despite continuing global economic woes, the secondary tobacco machinery market is continuing to look relatively healthy, with many manufacturers boasting that they can look back on exciting months, full of development, research and optimisation

Smoking Kills -Quit Now 22.11.2013
This headline portrays a shift in strategy for the mandatory warning of the next European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). What is different from the current requirement is the active recommendation to quit. Until now it has been Smoking Kills.

Invent or Steal? 11.11.2013
Increasingly stiff competition against a background of a growing number of restrictions on communications with consumers makes some cigarette manufacturers invent more and more ways to support their brands and others, less gifted creatively, use someone else’s intellectual property.

Tobacco - enjoy the taste 21.10.2013
With traditional tobacco products being affected more and more by regulations, we are seeing a trend away from fruity to natural tobacco flavours. At the same time, flavours for niche products, especially e-cigarettes, are booming.

E-cigarettes pose tough decisions for FDA and US tobacco.... 04.10.2013
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in its fourth year of regulating the manufacture, sale and distribution of tobacco products. In the future, the agency has some big decisions to make, and one of those is about whether to regulate e-cigarettes that omit water vapour

E-cig to Zerostyle - what's new 20.09.2013
US e-cigarette makers are racing to introduce new products, while in Europe impetus grows to treat e-cigs as medicine for people who say they're not sick. What follows is a look at e-cigarettes and other innovations of interest to vapers, smokers, growers and manufacturers.

Cigarettes on a Global Scale 05.09.2013
Cigarette production and consumption on a global scale has been quite stable in the last five to seven years

Tobacco's ABC Bloc: Africa, Brazil & China 31.08.2013
For leaf markets, going global is as easy as A-B-C

A look at tobacco's top ink supplier 23.08.2013
SunChemical is a giant in the world of printing inks, so it stands to reason that the staff of experts at the company's Global Tobacco Centre of Excellence (GTCoE) would be the largest serving the industry. But the way the centre operates is more like a small business than a big company.

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