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The changing future and a new vocabulary for the tobacco.... 19.11.2012
Tobacco is a conservative, traditional sort of consumer market which carries on delivering profits by selling essentially the same products year after year with small tweaks to justify higher prices. Well, not quite.

True Democracy 16.10.2012
Just a short time ago, Swiss citizens voted against making the life of smokers considerably more difficult. Two-thirds of the country’s population in a nationwide referendum said no to a complete ban on smoking in public places. In the meantime, the Russian Health Ministry began its own attack on smokers.

Jurists Lash Out at Health Ministry Bill 19.09.2012
The Governmental Institute of Law and Comparative Legal Studies (GILCLS) has lashed out at the draft law “On the Protection of the Health of the Population against the Effect of Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of the Consumption of Tobacco”

Pharmaceutical Companies Double Their Aggressivene.... 15.08.2012
Advertising of remedies for nicotine addiction doubles in the first half of 2012

Fight for Right to Smoke in Russia 12.07.2012
If the bill is approved by the government and passed by the parliament, smoking in Russia will be prohibited virtually everywhere except one’s home

Fighting austerity, contraband and anti-smoking campaigns.... 13.06.2012
It is maybe the clearest sign imaginable that Greece is in deep economic trouble: people are smoking a lot less. With disposable incomes falling steeply, Greek smokers are buying far fewer cigarettes. And the contraband sector is booming.

US Breaking Ukraine: Grants vs. Smoking 14.05.2012
The chairwoman of the Donbass Builders Union whose opinion is quoted below attended a public debate on smoking which took place on Friday (11 May) at the Donetsk regional government.

No Aid from Abroad 10.04.2012
Lobbies financed from abroad may come to be banned

Patriarch and Cigarettes 11.03.2012
Patriarch Kirill just keeps on giving reasons to doubt his holiness. Now a glimpse is caught of a watch that costs an equivalent of the annual income of a well-off member of his flock, now he sues lower-ranking clerics to take a flat away from them, now curses silly girls for a harmless prank and drags them to prison. All troubles are on his righteous shoulders… And in the roaring 1990s, the Father Kirill-controlled department of the Moscow Patriarchate was consolidating the financial power of the church and, as it did so, it shunned not trade in imported tobacco and alcohol. The old story emerged for an insignificant reason, but the church bureaucracy which stood up furiously for the patriarch rushed awkwardly, as always, to defend him and deny not only the Darwinian theory of evolution but also the multiplication table.

Thinking about Small Business… 19.07.2011
Small trade is being strangled consistently in Russia by both federal and local authorities

Money on Smoke 14.10.2010
David Zaridze: This is enough for collecting taxes, but will not have a strong effect on the smoking community

‘High Definition’ Taste: Why Tobacco Manufacturers.... 07.10.2010
Tobacco companies are actively exploiting the subject of innovations and marketing high-tech new products. In a search for words, signs, and symbols manufacturers and marketers refer to other markets. This is an analysis article about new cigarette products for which original imagery was found when they were marketed

Smoke in Homeland 29.07.2010
A new campaign to fight smoking has begun in Russia. In reality, however, the situation remains unchanged. While the entire world is quitting smoking, Russia goes the opposite way and remains, as before, an Eldorado for global tobacco companies

Quit Your Baccy 29.07.2010
The fight against smoking can also be a nice business. How they earn money from this in Russia.

The Last Draw 05.05.2010
Hard times are coming in Russia for the tobacco industry. Several laws at once will take effect this year that impose constraints on the operation of the sector. Now this country can hardly be considered one of the most favourable markets for the development of the tobacco industry. The situation is complicated: while in the European countries or the US, although constraints are quite tight there, regulation is carried out within a legal framework and according to clear and comprehensible rules, Russia has as usual decided to follow a certain special path.

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