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The bad side of burn 20.05.2013
Tobacco is processed to burn well, but nobody wants a fire during processing. GreCon's Ralf Steiner offers tips on what the maker of fire prevention equipment recommends the industry do to eliminate conflagration until it's time to light up.

Distinguish, identify, beautify 20.04.2013
Developments like the new Australian plain packaging law may seem to be adverse for the printing technology industry, but it is forcing it to come up with ever more innovative solutions to distinguish and identify brands and, as we know very well, innovation is never a bad thing.

Creativity for the Last Time 02.04.2013
In the expectation of a total ban on advertising, tobacco companies, although not all of them, are already beginning to save on creativity

Kiosk Era Decline in Russia 25.03.2013
The Russian parliament has approved the bill “On the Protection of the Health of the Population against Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of the Consumption of Tobacco.”

State-of-the-art filter design - today and tomorro.... 04.03.2013
P T Sreekumar, Managing Director of Filtrona Filter Products, a division of Filtrona PLC, explores the latest filter designs and reveals to TJI how advanced scientific techniques and innovative technologies are being used to meet customer requirements

Disastrous Law 19.02.2013
Passed by the Duma, the Federal Law “On the Protection of the Health of the Population against the Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of the Consumption of Tobacco” spells disaster for the nation and brings rewards to Health Ministry officials

Tobacco leaf production 2012 10.02.2013
Raw tobacco availability and prices with every year more and more depend on situation in Africa

Sweden prepares to continue fight over European snus.... 26.01.2013
The Swedish government is using the resignation of European Union (EU) health commissioner John Dalli in October over a snus lobbying scandal to restate its case for legalising the sale of snus in all EU countries. Swedish producers say that market could be worth EUR 2 billion annually.

Redefining filtration technology 24.12.2012
Until recently, the standard mono-acetate cigarette filter had remained virtually unchanged. With increased focus on product differentiation, the tobacco industry has seen more and more innovation in the filter space, and in particular, with the raw materials used to make cigarette filters

E-cigarettes: a US$2 billion global industry – who.... 12.12.2012
All of five or six years ago, one would have been forgiven for not having heard of electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes, as they are more commonly known), but it’s hard not to notice the current swirl of interest in and bombastic big-upping of this niche category’s prospects, now worth in excess of $US 2 billion globally

Quality feel and a firm grip 27.11.2012
Demands on tobacco packaging to deliver something special to the consumer are growing. So are the demands placed on paperboard manufacturers. Board makers are spending more time with clients to jointly develop packaging that can interact with consumers

Tanya Plibersek’s victory in another’s war 01.11.2012
The decision of the High Court of Australia which dismissed the lawsuit of the global tobacco industry leaders demanding that the introduction of plain packaging be cancelled opens a new chapter in tobacco control and can change the attitude of the industry towards investment in national economies.

Tobacco Control Rush in Ukraine 29.10.2012
A law that bans advertising of tobacco products, passed by the Verkhovna Rada on 22 September 2011, came into effect in Ukraine on 16 September. The law amends Article 22 of the Ukrainian Advertising Act

Italian crime fighters tackle new wave of contraband.... 05.10.2012
Italy may not have the strongest tobacco black market, but it has become a key portal into Europe for smuggling. This is fuelled by Italy's long-coastline and strong organised crime organisations. Although recent seizures by customs have been impressive, the road ahead is a long one.

Europol Concerned about Cigarette Smuggling Developments.... 12.09.2012
Besides an impressive growth in illegal sales of tobacco products, the trend has been a cause for concern in recent years towards cigarette smugglers merging with other criminal specialities

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