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E-cigarettes: a US$2 billion global industry – who.... 12.12.2012
All of five or six years ago, one would have been forgiven for not having heard of electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes, as they are more commonly known), but it’s hard not to notice the current swirl of interest in and bombastic big-upping of this niche category’s prospects, now worth in excess of $US 2 billion globally

Quality feel and a firm grip 27.11.2012
Demands on tobacco packaging to deliver something special to the consumer are growing. So are the demands placed on paperboard manufacturers. Board makers are spending more time with clients to jointly develop packaging that can interact with consumers

Tanya Plibersek’s victory in another’s war 01.11.2012
The decision of the High Court of Australia which dismissed the lawsuit of the global tobacco industry leaders demanding that the introduction of plain packaging be cancelled opens a new chapter in tobacco control and can change the attitude of the industry towards investment in national economies.

Tobacco Control Rush in Ukraine 29.10.2012
A law that bans advertising of tobacco products, passed by the Verkhovna Rada on 22 September 2011, came into effect in Ukraine on 16 September. The law amends Article 22 of the Ukrainian Advertising Act

Italian crime fighters tackle new wave of contraband.... 05.10.2012
Italy may not have the strongest tobacco black market, but it has become a key portal into Europe for smuggling. This is fuelled by Italy's long-coastline and strong organised crime organisations. Although recent seizures by customs have been impressive, the road ahead is a long one.

Europol Concerned about Cigarette Smuggling Developments.... 12.09.2012
Besides an impressive growth in illegal sales of tobacco products, the trend has been a cause for concern in recent years towards cigarette smugglers merging with other criminal specialities

Russian Smoker’s Profile 21.08.2012
A new social survey shows every fourth Russian would buy cigarettes from the tray of an illicit vendor if there were such trays with cheap cigarettes today

What can we expect from the upcoming EU TPD? 08.08.2012
A small boy. his nose pressed flat against the glass pane of a smoking cubicle, curiously watching what's going on, asks his mother: „What are those people doing?" Her reply: „Those are not people, they are smokers!"

Putting a shine on tipping 20.07.2012
Setting aside one brand of cigarettes from a crowd of competitors is getting more difficult. That's why distinctive tipping will gain importance as a means of branding as regulators demand more standardization in packaging

Waiting for wireless 04.07.2012
Wireless is the cable-free wave of the future in industrial automation. Combined with improve-ments in sensor technology, wireless can cut costs and improve quality. However nagging questions about reliability mean widespread adoption is not around the corner

Leaders Confirm Status 13.06.2012
The best in the Russian tobacco industry in 2011 are selected in an online vote

To regulate or to ban 05.04.2012
Worry that the US may ban menthol ban gives way to concerns over flavour regulation in Brazil. Whatever the outcome, it will be more regulated.

Illicit Trade Booms. Who’s To Blame? 21.02.2012
Illicit trade in tobacco products is presently one of the fastest growing “global business”. Current estimates are close to USD 40 billion in revenue losses to governments with another USD 10 billion on top in income losses to tobacco product manufacturers – a staggering total of nearly USD 50 (EUR 34.3) billion per annum

Sophistication - increasing R & D by Asian machinery.... 19.12.2011
The Asian tobacco machinery business, particularly in China, is undergoing a period of growth, not only because tobacco continues to be a growth industry, but because manufacturers are increasingly being seen as leaders of the sector rather than the followers they have traditionally been.

Even- Keeled 10.12.2011
Antitobacco measures and a global economic downturn have taken their toll on Russia-but perhaps less so than they have on other leading markets

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