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Innovation drives competition 10.06.2011
The expectations on the performance of tipping base papers have grown substantially over the last years, partly due to regulatory requirements. Suppliers have to provide added value and more innovative products to compete.

From riches to rags? 31.03.2011
Packaging has always been a highlight of tobacco industry reviews. No other topic combined the best of engineering technology and the creativity of package designers like packaging. Will regulations lead to an abrupt end?

Тobacco Manufacture in Russia in 2010 28.03.2011
Last year’s results did not get by without sensations: an impressive growth for Donskoy Tabak and Philip Morris, a decline in volume terms for BAT Russia, and even new rising names.

Finance Ministry Shaping Future 15.03.2011
A change of priorities in the upcoming excise regulation demands that all manufacturers adjust their market strategy

BOPP is top 31.01.2011

Bi-axially oriented polypropylene remains the material of first choice for cigarette films due to excellent moisture barrier properties, optical performance, heat sealing and sealing strength properties, as well as good shrinkage rates.

The Tightening Noose 06.12.2010
New threats of tobacco regulation at local and global level leave the industry with increasingly fewer chances for long-term prosperity and small tactical victories should not be considered a reason to relax.

Shortages across the board 30.11.2010
An arduous year that saw pulp prices at record highs is coming to an end for the paper and board industry. But the next challenge is already high on the agenda: the industry needs to improve its environmental standards

Just be different 30.11.2010
In an increasingly competitive environment and challenging global economic conditions, manufacturers of tear tape have to concentrate on distinguishing themselves ever more from the competition.

Development of Cigarette Import into Russia 10.09.2010
There are no distinct quantitative trends in the development of cigarette import into Russia, yet development trends in this segment of the tobacco business are quite clear

Analysis of Russian Cigarette Export 06.09.2010
Foreign trade transactions in cigarettes open up new profitable niches for the tobacco business

‘Police Involvement in Illegal Business Grossly Ex.... 02.08.2010
Law enforcement practice under Article 180 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, violations of trademark rights in the tobacco industry. Anna Petrov, Senior Lawyer, Baltic Law Offices, speaks at the second international conference Tobacco Industry: Matters of Security.

Most wanted: flexibility 29.07.2010
When discussing requirements for tobacco packaging equipment, flexibility is the term named most often these days. Machinery manufacturers focus on solutions for special cigarette packs, but have also discovered other tobacco products as an ever more important segment.

LIP service with a difference 29.07.2010
Cerulean is focusing on fire standard compliance of cigarettes and FDA regulation at present. The company has just launched new testing units for LIP (low ignition propensity) cigarette paper and adapted its equipment to FDA requirements.

Before the ink is dry 31.05.2010
The proliferation in the number of pack variants within global brand families and an increasing number of limited edition packs, together with the constant addition of new brands in emerging markets are keeping ink manufacturers on their toes.

Cutting edge R&D meets design boutique 31.05.2010
Cigarette design has come a long way in the past decade. Tobacco blending and expansion, filters, papers and flavours have reached new levels of technical sophistication, largely driven by stricter legislation and cost reduction. Brand proliferation has fuelled the creative and aesthetic aspect.

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