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Protect Not, Ignore Facts vs. Protect, Ignore Facts.... 12.04.2010
Which should the right choice be? The problem of preventing the criminalisation of the Russian tobacco market due to excessively fast increase in excise rates for tobacco products

Storm Hits Where Feared 01.03.2010
Performance in 2009 reflects the influence of the economic crisis on the tobacco industry in Russia adequately enough, although it is not the only factor of significant change in the market.

Market Turn 24.08.2009
Company reports and statistics show a significant change in the Russian tobacco market in the first half of 2009. Work on the portfolio of brands is becoming a priority, but not everyone has a chance for quick success.

Production Figures for 2008 02.03.2009
Last year saw the end of an epoch of stability in the Russian tobacco market. Trends are making a U-turn, market predictability is lowering, and competition is growing fiercer.

Australia & Anti-tobacco Matters 01.12.2008
Australia ranks among the five countries with the tightest regulation of the tobacco industry and restrictions on smokers. Anti-tobacco activists like to quote Australia, along with Canada, as an example of civilised interaction between the state, the citizenry, and the industry. Many important nuances are hushed up though.

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