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New shadow market leader 13.09.2017
Ukraine became the largest supplier of illicit tobacco to the European countries in 2016

E-liquids to Be Labelled in Belarus 11.09.2017
All liquids for electronic cigarettes sold in Belarus must be labelled with control signs

Still among Smuggling Leaders 09.09.2017
Moldova is one of the five countries with the largest volumes of contraband cigarettes supplied to European countries

Total ban 05.09.2017
The Parliament of Georgia passed amendments to the Tobacco Control Act

New bans in Tajikistan 31.08.2017
The new law suggests a ban on selling tobacco products to people under 18

Ukrainian Customs ‘Successes’ 28.08.2017
Cigarettes from Armenia passed the Georgian territory without trouble, but were seized in a port in the Odessa Region wi....

Licences were cancelled for import 21.08.2017
In Azerbaijan Licences were cancelled for import, transit, and export of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products

Minimum Cigarette Prices to Be Raised in Kazakhsta.... 18.08.2017
The minimum price will be raised by 20 tenge to 380 tenge

Ukraine to Monitor Trade in Tobacco 11.08.2017
The draft law provides for introducing an automated system for monitoring the circulation of excisable goods

Tobacco Advertising Banned 28.07.2017
A ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco products is introduced in Tajikistan

36 per cent of men smoke in Azerbaijan 24.07.2017
Seven billion cigarettes were used in Azerbaijan in 2016

Armenia: Cigarette Export Statistics 08.06.2017
Armenia increased cigarette export again, according to the customs statistics of the State Income Committee for 2016

Smoking in public places banned 04.06.2017
The National Assembly passed the draft law “On Restrictions on the Use of Tobacco Products”

Illegal Production in Kazakhstan 01.06.2017
The factory for counterfeit cigarettes was located in the South Kazakhstan

New Excise Stamps in Uzbekistan 25.05.2017
Excise stamps with additional security were introduced in Uzbekistan on 1 April 2017

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