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Market to Be ‘Blinded’ in Ukraine 16.08.2016
Tobacco products to be out of sight in showcases in all points of sale

Cigarette Import, Export 07.08.2016
Japan began the largest importer of cigarettes made in Ukraine

Electronic excise stamps 20.07.2016
Electronic excise stamps will begin to be used in Ukraine in 2017

Tobacco Equipment Control Fails to Work 16.07.2016
A proposal was made in Ukraine to improve the procedure for registering cigarette-making equipment; an appropriate bill ....

Record Excise Statistics 24.06.2016
Sixty-two per cent more collected during the first five months of 2016

PMI 2015 Results in Ukraine 22.03.2016
PMI reduced shipment of cigarettes

Excise In Ukraine 23.02.2016
Excise tax rate on tobacco products will increase by 40% in 2016

Tobacco Import/Export Licensing Cancelled 10.09.2015
The activities have been licensed in the country since 1996

Excise Revenue Goes Up 03.08.2015
Excise revenue for the Ukrainian state budget was 46% higher in 2015 than in the same period (first four months) of 2014....

New Excise Stamps 19.07.2015
New excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products are in effect in Ukraine from 1 July 2015.

Excises and fines on rise 20.09.2014
New specific rates of excise tax on cigarettes took effect on 1 September in Ukraine after 5% indexation

Ukraine Raises Excise by 25% 28.06.2014
Excise tax on tobacco products will increase by 25% from 1 July

Ukraine Looking for Funds 12.06.2014
The government is raising excises.

Illegal Sales Summarised in Lviv Region, Ukraine 04.05.2014
In 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, law enforcers seized over 1.5 million packs of counterfeit tobacco products

Ukraine Regulating Tobacco Trade 23.04.2014
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) recommends that manufacturers of tobacco products should not restrict acces....

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