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Illegal Production Facility Discovered near Riga 24.08.2017
It is the first time a major facility like this is found in Baltic states

Large-scale Illegal Production in Russia 15.08.2017
The police carried out plenty raids and discovered illicit factories in many different regions

Lorry Full of Cigarettes Detained in Belgorod Regi.... 01.08.2017
The tobacco products under various brands were without labels

Fake Excise Stamps 06.06.2017
Fake excise stamps seized in Maritime Territory

Illegal Cigarette Production in Moscow 25.05.2017
Illegal cigarette facilities were shut down in Moscow and the Moscow Region

Illegal Production in Kursk 17.05.2017
A facility for making counterfeit tobacco products was discovered in the Kursk Region

Illegal Products in Omsk 20.04.2017
Police Seize Illegal Products in Omsk

Counterfeit Cigarettes in Belgorod Region 15.03.2017
The illegal production facility had operated in the industrial area

Case Closed 11.08.2016
The investigation of a case of illegal cigarette production in Kursk is finished

Illicit Factory Discovered in St Petersburg 06.07.2016
In June, police found a room in St Petersburg where tobacco products were illegally manufactured and stored

Tobacco instead of Raisins 20.06.2016
Large-scale smuggling of Turkish water-pipe tobacco through Kazakhstan to Russia

Illicit Tobacco Factory Shut Down in Prison 12.05.2016
Counterfeit excise stamps were used, an examination showed

Illegal Producers in Voronezh… 27.04.2016
Police officers seized over 350 boxes of 250 packs of cigarettes each, equipment for making non-filter cigarettes, 8.4 t....

Illegal Producers near Warsaw 20.03.2016
Fifty-eight Ukrainian nationals were detained

Something Like Troika 19.02.2016
Two cases were opened against Cigarettes K?nigsberg Production LLC

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