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Manufacturing Statistics Anomaly 23.08.2016
There is a sensation in Russia: cigarette production grew in the first half of the year

Extortionist from United Russia in Tambov 02.07.2016
According to preliminary information, the amount of tax underpaid by Morshansk Tobacco Factory in 2012-2014 plus respect....

Illicit Range Leader 01.07.2016
The non-filter cigarette brand Prima has become the leader of the illicit tobacco market in Russia

Exactly Twenty! 08.06.2016
The parliament has passed in all reading a bill that prohibits retail trade in cigarettes in packs of more than 20 piece....

EEU Technical Regulations 20.05.2016
The Technical Regulations on Tobacco Products came into effect in the Eurasian Economic Union

Excises 2016 03.04.2016
The rates of excise on cigarettes will grow by 25% from the start of the year.

Ban on Cigarette Export to Ukraine 10.02.2016
The directive of the Cabinet banning the import of a number of Russian goods into Ukraine took effect on 10 January 2016....

Brand Strength 16.10.2015
Russians are switching to cheap cigarettes under the influence of the unfortunate situation in the economy and growth in....

Charge on Retail Trade in Moscow 03.08.2015
A new tax on retail trade has been in effect in Moscow since 1 July 2015

Airport 01.07.2015
In late May, the Russian Civic Chamber held a debate on the situation with smoking at airports

Excise Revenues Slows Down 13.02.2015
Growth in tax revenue from cigarette production has started to lag behind the indexation of rates – it is time to ....

Packs Growing Bigger 04.12.2014
Tobacco companies increasingly often include packs of 25-30 cigarettes instead of the standard 20 in their range

Customs Union Approves Technical Regulations on Tobacco.... 24.11.2014
At its meeting on 21 October, the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) approved the draft decision of the EEC....

Russian Duma Approves Criminal Liability for Smugg.... 13.10.2014
According to the bill, the size of loss will be calculated based on the value of illegal goods

Investments, new products and key appointments help.... 28.08.2014
TOMRA Sorting Executive Vice President and Head of Sorting Dr.Volker Rehrmann advised that the sorting business achieved....

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