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New bans in Tajikistan 31.08.2017
The new law suggests a ban on selling tobacco products to people under 18

Minimum Cigarette Prices to Be Raised in Kazakhsta.... 18.08.2017
The minimum price will be raised by 20 tenge to 380 tenge

Tobacco Advertising Banned 28.07.2017
A ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco products is introduced in Tajikistan

Illegal Production in Kazakhstan 01.06.2017
The factory for counterfeit cigarettes was located in the South Kazakhstan

New Excise Stamps in Uzbekistan 25.05.2017
Excise stamps with additional security were introduced in Uzbekistan on 1 April 2017

Smoking on a plane 12.05.2017
Criminal liability should be introduced for smoking on board Kazakh airlines’ planes

New General Manager at UzBAT 13.04.2017
New head of Samarkand cigarette factory with a capacity of 20 bio cigarettes a year

New Restrictions in Tajikistan 03.08.2016
Tajikistan discusses the bill “On the Limitation of the Use of Tobacco Products”

Regulation of Naswar 17.07.2016
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan is discussing a ban on the manufacture, import, and sale of naswar

Market Statistics in Tajikistan 14.05.2016
Iraq was the main supplier of tobacco products to the Tajik market

Export, Import in Kyrgyzstan 11.04.2016
Kyrgyzstan exported 30 million dollars’ worth of tobacco and tobacco products in 2015, according to the National Statist....

Taxes, Prices in Kazakhstan 02.04.2016
A system with a minimum retail price for filter cigarettes is established in the country

Excises In Uzbekistan 12.03.2016
Excise rates have increased here since 1 January 2016 for tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, alcohol, and beer manufact....

Anti-tobacco Outrage in Turkmenistan 05.02.2016
The highest cigarette prices in the CIS are here now

Tighter Cigarette Import Quotas in Turkmenistan 30.06.2015
The rules have been made stricter for individuals to import cigarettes and alcohol

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