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Illicit Market Grows in Estonia 28.07.2016
Contraband cigarettes in the country account for 15% of the market

New Law on Trade in Tobacco Products Takes Effect in.... 19.06.2016
The Law was developed in accordance with the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive

Menthol Ban In Estonia 01.05.2016
The incorrect application of the Tobacco Products Directive puts at risk one-fifth of the market of tobacco products in ....

Display Ban In Latvia 21.04.2016
The parliament of Latvia is considering a bill under which cigarette sellers will be obliged to install new equipment

Excise In Lithuania 26.03.2016
Lithuania’s Seimas approved new excise rates

Consignment Seized 15.08.2015
Over 15 million contraband cigarettes will be destroyed in Latvia

New Restrictions in Lithuania 03.07.2015
A ban on smoking in vehicles if there are people under 18 or pregnant women comes into effect in Lithuania on 1 July 201....

New fines in Lithuania 21.05.2015
Seimas passed amendments to the Tobacco Control Act to prohibit people under 18 from smoking and carrying tobacco produc....

Cigarettes to Have 2014 Excise Stamp from 1 April in.... 25.03.2014
Goods that fail to meet the requirement will be seized without any compensation to the seller

Biggest Smuggling Case Closed in Lithuania 20.02.2014
26 persons are charged

Mini Factory for 1 Million Cigarettes per Day 12.10.2013
The police discover an illegal cigarette facility in Latgale near Balvi, Latvia

Estonia: Pregnant Smokers Threatened with Jail 13.09.2013
A bill has been sent for governmental approval which suggests “a punishment for causing harm to the health of a fo....

Lithuania to Raise Excises from 1 April 2014 01.08.2013
The measure is expected to enable collecting about 49 million litai more

Smoking in Kids’ Presence May Lead to Prison in La.... 19.06.2013
The Latvian Saeima passed amendments to the law on children’s rights

Four Million Cigarettes Destroyed in Estonia 03.05.2013
It is the second largest consignment in the history of the country

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