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E-liquids to Be Labelled in Belarus 11.09.2017
All liquids for electronic cigarettes sold in Belarus must be labelled with control signs

Winston Is Winner Again 03.04.2017
Brand of the Year 2016 in Belarus

Another Good Year 15.03.2017
Cigarette production in Belarus grew by 6.2% in 2016

Belarus, Iran Considering Joint Cigarette Producti.... 29.03.2016
The Iranian National Tobacco Planning and Supervision Centre is negotiating with Belarusian tobacco companies

New Version of State Border Act 01.10.2015
Changes in the legislation affect the procedures for storing and transporting goods in the border area.

Ban on Advertising of Umbrella Brands 16.09.2015
Advertising similar to advertising of tobacco products will be banned completely.

Tobacco Carriers to Be Spied On 11.08.2015
They must equip their vehicles with GPS navigation devices

Display Ban 01.07.2015
Display of tobacco products in retail outlets has been banned in Belarus since 1 July 2015

Retail prices to grow in Belarus 15.11.2014
Maximum retail prices were raised for 78 cigarette varieties in Belarus on 1 November

Sberbank Gives Loan to Belarusian Tobacco Company 04.10.2014
Sberbank of Russia has announced extending lines of credit to Belorusneft and Tabak Invest

Some Cigarette Prices to Rise 2.6-11.8% in Belarus.... 03.04.2014
The prices for five versions of the imported cigarette brand Davidoff have been raised by 11.8% to 19,000 Belarusian rou....

Prices Raised 02.03.2014
Excise stamps also cost more starting from March

Neman cigarette output down in Jan 2014 22.02.2014
Belarus’ Grodno-based tobacco factory decreased cigarette output 20.2% on the year in January 2014 to 1.86 billion....

Approves, Re-approves Cigarette Production Quotas 21.01.2014
Reports started coming in from Belarusian regions in January that there is a shortage of cigarettes

Belarus May Cancel Cigarette Import Monopoly 04.12.2013
Belarus is considering cancelling the state’s exclusive right to import fish, alcohol, and tobacco products from 1 Janua....

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