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Is it the end for ENDS in Russia? 05.09.2017
The provisions of the anti-tobacco Concept in relation to ENDS treat innovative ENDS products in the same way as ordinary tobacco products and extend to them the entire scope of tobacco restrictions and bans

The flavour curve 07.08.2017
Shisha and vapour are rare examples of modern tobacco product categories in which flavour offerings have evolved to suit the needs of consumers, not regulatory limitations. What can we learn when we trace the 'curves' of these category's flavour evolutions? Do they share a common future?

Russia: Smokers’ Paradise Lost 19.07.2017
Russia will ban the sale of cigarettes to any person born after 2014, not only as long as they are minors, but also after they turn 18 years old

Russian Market Situation 17.05.2017
Total cigarette production in Russia was 336.2 billion in 2016

Oriental tobacco production - soon under one maste.... 14.03.2017
Southern Europe provides the oriential tobaccos used to manufacture American-blend cigarettes. Should Turkey and Macedonia succeed in their efforts to join the European Union, it would concentrate most of the world's oriential output in the EU, which hasn't been grower friendly.

Illicit tobacco in Russia 11.01.2017
Internal cigarette production declined in Russia by approximately 25% between 2010 and 2015. This statistic has not fully been explained so far.

Russian Cigarette Market in 2012-2015 03.11.2016
The trend towards market reduction is confirmed. No bottom can be seen, though the decline in cigarette production slowed down in 2015.

Testing in vitro 07.10.2016
Vitrocell Systems has developed a product platform for in vitro testing. The company's product offering, from exposure systems to smoke and aerosol generation and analysis, aims to set new standards in health risk assessment and regulatory science.

Mass measurement precision in production of small objects.... 16.09.2016
The article indicates commercial benefits and highlights regulations-related advantages when using the new generation of contactless measurement systems.

Former Soviet Asia 05.08.2016
The Central Asian states in the former Soviet territory are large countries with considerable populations, but they are basically inconspicuous on the tobacco map of the world.

Dusk falls on dawn of e-cig adverts 05.07.2016
The implementation of the revised TPD in May 2016, will see a ban on the promotion of e-cigarettes on the Internet, on television, on radio and in the press anywhere in the EU. But is the European e-cig industry making the most of these advertising avenues before they are blocked off?

Russian Tobacco Market Regulation News 03.06.2016
Unlike the sudden and complete ban on snus, the rise in excise rates was expected.

A Lot of Smoke over MRTPs? 05.05.2016
As the industry continues writhing to appease anti-tobacco lobbyists, national regulators, and health authorities alike on all fronts, MRTPs (modified risk tobacco products) may offer at least partial respite from this intensifying onslaught — or do they?

Out of Time 05.04.2016
Regulations for the vapor industry will soon be standardized throughout Europe.

Call of Duty 18.03.2016
Legislators struggle to develop an appropriate tax system for vapor products.

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