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Metsa Board Recognised As World Leader For Corporate.... 25.10.2016
Metsa Board has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies in response to climate change and has ....

The multifunctional test station MW 4420 17.10.2016
Based on the microwave resonance technology the system measures the moisture and density (Mass / weight) of tobacco and ....

The WHO's Tobacco Treaty Is Actually a Threat to Public.... 19.09.2016
Secrecy and WHO's reluctance to embrace alternatives to smoking have the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control set up ....

Turks cling to their cigarettes 19.12.2016
Despite progressive efforts in Turkey to counteract habit, smokers are resisting


Ban on Cigarette Export to Ukraine 10.02.2016
The directive of the Cabinet banning the import of a number of Russian goods into Ukraine took effect on 10 January 2016

High court in Germany blocks sale of e-liquids 09.02.2016
The Federal High Court of Justice (BGH) ruled sales of e-liquids containing nicotine violate current law governing allow....

Anti-tobacco Outrage in Turkmenistan 05.02.2016
The highest cigarette prices in the CIS are here now

Delfortgroup to acquire Mundet 01.02.2016
Delfortgroup plans to buy packaging printer Mundet to enhance the presence of the Austria-based specialty paper maker in....

Excises Grow in Georgia 30.01.2016
Manufacturers and importers are afraid that growth in prices for products might eventually lead to an inflow of contraba....

The best again 27.01.2016
Solvay Acetow’s "Know Your Customer" Programme certification has been renewed after the audit that took ....

Malaysia - Health Ministry intends to introduce plain.... 24.01.2016
Malaysia plans to require uniform packaging for tobacco products to reduce the country’s smoking rate, the Malay M....

Imperial without Tobacco 21.01.2016
Imperial Tobacco Group is being renamed Imperial Brands to better reflect changes in its business, the company explains ....

Metsa Board named Packaging Printing Champion in Hong.... 16.01.2016
Metsa Board has been named as Champion of Packaging Printing in the Hong Kong Print Awards 2015 for a box designed for V....

Tomra sorting gives tobacco processors added bite .... 19.10.2015
TOMRA Sorting Tobacco will launch the world’s first tobacco sorting system integrating string removal, metal detec....

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