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Philip Morris Germany to speak at TJI Campus 20.09.2017
Maximilian Jell, head of regulatory affairs and reduced risk products at Philip Morris GmbH (PMG), will hold a presentat....

Usman-Tabak Development 18.09.2017
The Usman-Tabak factory in Lipetsk increased revenue to 1.1 billion roubles last year, according to the company’s ....

Former WHO executive to head new foundation 18.09.2017
Dr Derek Yach, a key architect of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), founded and will head an anti-sm....

Being anti-smoking damages your mental health 12.09.2017
Ten years on from the ban, the fanatics still want more


Exactly Twenty! 08.06.2016
The parliament has passed in all reading a bill that prohibits retail trade in cigarettes in packs of more than 20 piece....

Well-known exhibitors at InterSupply 2016 07.06.2016
Raw tobacco and cigarette paper as important trade fair themes

Double launch for Tomra Sorting Food with new russian.... 07.06.2016
TOMRA Sorting Food has announced the launch of its Russian language website, which will provide a dynamic online resourc....

KT&G CEO Baek among those indicted for bribery 06.06.2016
KT&G Corp Chief Executive Officer Baek Bok-in and former CEO Min Young-in are among 42 persons connected with the cigare....

Think tank coalition condemns plain packaging 03.06.2016
An international coalition of 47 think tanks and taxpayer associations sent a letter to World Health Organisation Direct....

The assembly in Hyderabad is “running like clockwo.... 03.06.2016
Instructors from H.C. MOOG commission a multi-functional 1-TBR Compact at the large printing house of PRAGATI Pack in In....

Bulgartabac Leaves Bulgaria 28.05.2016
Workers intend to continue protests

The latest innovations from Essentra 25.05.2016
The Essentra Microslim range of filters, with a circumference under 15mm, represents a further step towards even slimmer....

EEU Technical Regulations 20.05.2016
The Technical Regulations on Tobacco Products came into effect in the Eurasian Economic Union

Production on the Rise in Armenia 17.05.2016
Tobacco products accounted for some 18.4% of the total output of processing industries in Armenia in January-April 2016

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