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Philip Morris Germany to speak at TJI Campus 20.09.2017
Maximilian Jell, head of regulatory affairs and reduced risk products at Philip Morris GmbH (PMG), will hold a presentat....

Usman-Tabak Development 18.09.2017
The Usman-Tabak factory in Lipetsk increased revenue to 1.1 billion roubles last year, according to the company’s ....

Former WHO executive to head new foundation 18.09.2017
Dr Derek Yach, a key architect of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), founded and will head an anti-sm....

Being anti-smoking damages your mental health 12.09.2017
Ten years on from the ban, the fanatics still want more


New Excise Stamps in Uzbekistan 25.05.2017
Excise stamps with additional security were introduced in Uzbekistan on 1 April 2017

Illegal Cigarette Production in Moscow 25.05.2017
Illegal cigarette facilities were shut down in Moscow and the Moscow Region

Ethiopian to replace Chan as WHO director-general 24.05.2017
World Health Organisation member states elected Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former Ethiopian foreign minister, to r....

PMI test marketing ‘flat coil’ e-liquid technology.... 23.05.2017
Philip Morris International is test marketing a product employing new technology described by PMI as a mesh patch to hea....

Japan - JT to launch Ploom tobacco heater in Tokyo.... 23.05.2017
Japan Tobacco (JT) will expand brick-and-mortar sales of Ploom TECH to Tokyo in late June and expects to launch its toba....

Illegal Production in Kursk 17.05.2017
A facility for making counterfeit tobacco products was discovered in the Kursk Region

New Standard for Heated Tobacco 15.05.2017
A national standard for heated tobacco was approved in Russia

Fines for Smoking To Be 100 Times Higher 15.05.2017
Restaurants often ignore tobacco restrictions

Smoking on a plane 12.05.2017
Criminal liability should be introduced for smoking on board Kazakh airlines’ planes

Gottlieb confirmed as FDA commissioner 10.05.2017
The Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s choice of Scott Gottlieb as commissioner of the Food and Drug Admini....

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