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The Russian Tobacco Media Group provides information services for tobacco market participants, specialists from the tobacco and related industries, and other individuals and companies concerned, at the prices and on the terms specified below.

Advertisements on Russian Tobacco website pages

Access to the websites /

  • Full access for 12 months : 560 euro

Market research

  • Ready-made market research
  • Analysis and forecast of the development of the market, segments, and legislation
  • Monitoring of tobacco-related content published in the Russian press

Russian Tobacco printed publications


Prices can change without prior notice to potential and existing clients. Price changes do not apply to contracts that have been signed and paid. Where a contract is extended for a new period, it incorporates prices applicable at the time of such extension. When extended, custom contracts incorporate any price changes by means of an additional agreement with the new contract sum set forth therein.

The current rates are valid from 1 September 2013


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